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Concepts Logos for WAVE Project - Hybrid AUV/Glider / Concept Logo per il Progetto WAVE - Ibrido AUV/Glider
The Italian WAVE (Wave-powered Autonomous Vehicle for marine Exploration) project involves the development of a novel hybrid oceanographic glider/Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) with power recharging capabilities from environmental renewable sources, in particular from the wave motion, aiming at enhancing the endurance of a typical marine mission.
Il progetto italiano WAVE (Wave powered Autonomous Vehicle for marine Exploration) è rivolto allo studio, l'implementazione e la prototipazione di un veicolo ibrido AUV/glider oceanografico in grado di ricaricare le batterie interne sfruttando fonti di energia rinnovabile, in particolare quella derivante dal moto ondoso.